Virtual Reality & Augmented/Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality opens infinite possibilities for creating new and exciting experiences for your customers. Let them explore your products from within a fully immersive world where anything is possible. Or with Mixed Reality bring the future into the here and now bring your products and experiences into your customer's own world.

A new mode of design

Currently, a fashion show begins with the physical creation of a real world clothing collection, but imagine if designers could try out their ideas before even reaching for their scissors and sewing machines. Maybe a particular cut might look better in a different colour, pattern or choice of fabric? 

Creating clothes within the virtual world, designers are free to try out as many different ideas as they like before committing to physically creating a garment. 

Clients who are unable or too busy to attend a real world fashion show could check out a collection from the comfort of their living rooms and may in future even be able to interactively tailor the clothing in the show to their own size and body shape. Clothes could be made specifically to order, reducing wastage.


Virtual Reality Catwalk Show