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Performance Videos

You’ve recorded a fantastic song but to  make it really stand out and appeal to your fans you want something  visual to really draw your viewer’s attention. A performance music video is a great way  to promote yourself as well as your music, and typically requires a  much lower budget than an elaborate narrative video. A simple, stylish  video of you or your band performing your song in a venue or setting  that complements your music and your image will really help your  audience to connect with you and get to know you better. At Create 1st we work with you to create an engaging audio-visual portrait that shows you at your best.

Narrative Videos

Whereas the focus of a Performance Music Video is, as the name suggests, on the band or artist performing their  song, a Narrative Music Video adds an extra dimension of interest by playing out a story as the song unfolds, holding the viewer’s attention  not only with the music, but also with the onscreen action and story  line. A Narrative Music Video may feature  members of the band or may be shot entirely using independent actors and  actresses. The story line may follow the theme of the song closely, or  maybe only loosely, or even not at all. The key aspect is that as well  as drawing your audience into your music you are also drawing them into  the story. Stories have always been a powerful way of engaging listeners and a well put together Narrative style video is a powerful way of  building interest in your music. We will spend time with you discussing  your ideas and the themes you would like to cover in your video, as well  as providing insights and suggestions of our own. We can discuss  potential shooting locations and scenes and put together a script and  shot list for your video prior to the filming sessions.

Music Videos

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