Holographic Projection & Projection Mapping

Use Projection Mapping to create stunning visual displays that wow audiences at  

 your events and performances. Create eye-catching illusions that appear out of nowhere using state of the art Holographic Projection technology.

New Realities

Create 1st have used Projection Mapping and Holographic Projection to create engaging performance works within the worlds of fashion and performance art. Recent works have included:

The creation of a live dance performance based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice using Projection Mapping technology to project moving images directly onto the costume of a dancer as she performed the piece.  

The creation of a Holographic Fashion Show featuring the collection of highly acclaimed London designer, SYBAN. 

A series of eye-catching fashion related Holographic Vignettes created using HyperVSN 3D holographic display technology.


Holographic Fashion Show