Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence offers the potential to enhance and support creativity and the creative process as well as providing powerful tools to assist with the design of new business models and strategies or identify, attract and retain customers.

AI stands for Creativity

Create 1st have strong expertise in the use of AI within the creative industry from designing powerful marketing tools using ground breaking Computer Vision & Deep Learning techniques to generating new works of art.

The possibilities for applying Deep Learning technology are endless. Ordering and stock management processes can be enhanced to reduce costs, shop floor layouts optimised to generate increased sales, photographs of potential new fashion designs can be generated from just a simple sketch and complex 3D scenes can be reconstructed from a set of photographs, to mention just a few of the potential applications of this technology within the creative environment.

Recent projects by Create 1st have included the creation of a working prototype Intelligent Billboard system capable of recognising the clothes people are wearing and generating personalised advertising based on a customer's fashion style.


A journey beyond reality with Create 1st and Deep Dream